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If I'm to be so presumptuous as to assume you wish to read my blog and use my lessons, I might as well extend that presumption to the idea you care what I like to read. Besides, most of these people are MUCH smarter than me, although not all are nearly as charming.  

Online Articles - These aren't articles by me. It turn out that as brilliant as my stuff is, there are actually OTHER good bits scattered across the universe as well. I suppose this is nature's way of keeping some balance in the mix.

History & Edu-Blogs - Stuff you should be reading instead of this nonsense.

My Favorite Documents & Online Sources - Some of my favorites edited and formatted for classroom use, and sites which specialize in that sort of thing. 

Edu-Books - I hope to flesh this one out a bit. At the moment it merely links to a recent post regarding teacher books you should buy for some holiday or another.

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