Edu-Meeting Bingo!

BingoIf you’ve been in the world of education for any length of time, then you’ve been to innumerable meetings, trainings, workshops, seminars, and a plethora of other required events – far too many of which end up feeling like they’re all the same thing.

That’s true in many fields, of course – Dilbert and The Office are built on shared experiences, as are sitcoms, satire sites like The Duffel Blog, and any movie directed by Rob Reiner.

But education comes with its own verbiage, assumptions, tone, and flavors – many of which are lost on those outside its ridiculously plain concrete walls. So why not spice things up a bit? Next time you and your peers are called to a faculty meeting or facing a required PD day, print out some of the Official Blue Cereal Education Edu-Meeting Bingo! Cards (attached) and “gamify” the experience – that’s a trendy thing to do these days, right? Heck, it practically makes the day “project-based”!

Bingo2To be fair, not everything on the cards is automatically trite or without value. Sometimes things come up over and over again because they’re part of the tools of the trade, or because they genuinely matter. Nothing here is meant to be cruel or mocking in a diminishing way. Surely we can roll our eyes at the silliness without negating the essentials.

Then again, some of it’s just predictably dumb. I’ll leave it up to you which parts are which.

Feel free to add suggested items in the Comments below. Maybe they’ll get added to Round Two...

Faculty Meetings


I would add anything about 'classroom desk in rows' being archaic.

OMG THAT'S SO TRUE. The supposed evil of having desks at all - thank you!


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