Entrance Videos (Updated)

Blue Cereal Entrance

Update (8/3/15)  

I'm a little late on announcing the results, but they were suprisingly close - and cast with passion! I like that. The Final Tally:

We Care A Lot (Faith No More) - 18 votes

Let The Day Begin (Black Rebel Motorcycle) - 19 votes

Because I'm Awesome (The Dollyrots) - 20 votes. My NEW Official Entrance Video! I'm giddy. (Videos posted below)

I was actually a bit worried there might be a tie until a late email vote was cast - and by someone with whom I'm not entirely sure I've ever interacted before. So... intrigue and drama to spare!

Now, the Edu-Blogger Entrance Video Challenge:

What's YOUR Entrance Video? And I'm warning you, peeps - if you don't choose, I might just choose one for you. If that sounds like a good way to do it, you obviously haven't been following this blog very carefully.

This challenge is issued to all #oklaed peeps, whether regular bloggers or not (it can be a Classroom Entrance Video). It is additionally extended to edu-bloggers at large, including some of you legit, big-name types who really should have thought of this before. I mean, what do you DO over at those name-brand major blogs all the time? It's summer - what is there to SAY about education until, like, Labor Day?

Let's get rolling folks. I'll compile and begin posting as responses roll in.

( Original Post Begins Here ↓↓↓ )

Here's the thing.

I'm working on a post about Sam Patch, whose claim to fame was jumping from waterfalls as a form of socio-economic protest. I'm also looking forward to a very cool guest blog from one of the most amazing young ladies on the interwebs. I still need to expand the Pedagogy page, and I'm behind on some of my reading and research. Oh - and there's this series on the Tulsa Race Riots I keep coming back to without quite figuring out how I want it to go.

But I can't stop thinking how much I need an entrance video.

'Need' might be a little strong, but 'want' sounds so selfish - and you know all I do here is for YOU, and for THE CHILDREN. So maybe what I should say is that I want an entrance video to better help prepare and guide YOU, my Eleven Faithful Followers (#11FF) and to then - by proxy - better inspire and enlighten the children.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, most WWE Superstars (yes, that's 'professional wrestling') have an entrance song and video which kicks in as they enter the viewable part of the arena and approach the ring. The tone, lyrics, and visual choices of each video quickly shape the basic character and style of each performer for anyone who may not be familiar with these personalities. It also stirs crowd reaction, both positive and negative (and in the WWE, even negative is positive - the only bad reaction is when there's little or no reaction). Entrance videos are the bomb.

I want one.

Here, I'll show you what I mean. Don't worry, these aren't full videos - just clips of a half-dozen or so in order to give you the idea.

WWE Entrances Combo Video

But I'm torn. There are songs I'd definitely adapt as my own, but whose videos aren't really me at all. There are different aspects to my depth and wisdom which some tracks capture better than others. I'm such a complex and enriching creature to experience, it's hard to know which elements to emphasize. In a way, it's a shame to limit me at all.

But I want one.

I've narrowed it down to three, and I'm opening the floor for voting. The first 12 people who vote via Twitter (make sure you tag me so I'll know) will receive a coveted Blue Cereal Education #11FF Steaming Hot Nectar Receptacle. It's the coffee cup so cool, it deserves it's own entrance video.

But I'll take as many votes as Twitter can stand between now and July 31st, at which point I'll announce the results and decree as my very own whichever video has won. I'll use it every time, um... well, I'll bring it up whenever there's...

It will be my new, official entrance video. Shut up.

AND... HEADS UP TO OTHER EDU-BLOGGERS. On August 1st, along with the announcement, I'll be challenging every #oklaed blogger and many of you beyond the trappings of my poor state to choose an entrance song and/or video yourselves, to be compiled in a separate post. I'm going to be quite belligerent about it, so start working on the idea NOW, kids. (I'm looking at you, Robertson. Don't make me come over there.)

If you DON'T choose, there's always the danger I'll take suggestions from others, or choose myself. Do you really want to risk where THAT could go?

But for now, my narrowed list - the three final contenders...

"We Care A Lot" - Faith No More (this is one is my favorites, lyrics and generational issues-wise, but the video is a tiny bit... not quite me. Or worse, maybe it is.)

Faith No More - We Care A Lot

"Let The Day Begin" - Black Rebel Motorcycle (I almost went with the original from The Call, but this video supports the lyrics in an interesting way, and it's edgier, like me. Nothing personal. Rob.)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Let the Day Begin

"Because I'm Awesome" - The Dollyrots (because $#%* the establishment, let's Pop Punk Against The Machine - am I right? Am I? Hello? Anyone?)

The Dollyrots - "Because I'm Awesome" Blackheart Records

I look forward to your comments and participation. Yes, you - specifically. Because you're awesome.


I'd say Faith No More first, because you should almost always put FNM first, the The Dollyrots, who I had never heard of but I dig that song so now they have a Spotify channel on my account. Then BRMC, who are good but never as good as I want them to be.

Like all three, but I vote for FNM! Personal fave!!! But I t's also the complete package. Compassion, caring, and an excellent video! BRMC was second on my list. The DR video was fun, but pretty self-serving IMO.

From everything I've read of yours, the Dollyrats best capture your essence. Blow the room up. Drop the mic. Walk away with your chest out.

Love the Dollyrots. Rage against the machine and own your awesomeness!

If you could drop me a quick email or DM to confirm WHICH Cathy & Gina you are (I think I know, but I've been wrong before. Actually, I've been wrong A LOT.)

Tough. Faith no more is out because YouTube says I cannot watch it in my country. I prefer the dollyrots' music but liked the BRMC video better. Anyway to mesh those? Maybe I should vote for Faith no more precisely because it would be a completely uninformed vote, kind of like the in real politics... Oh quandary!
Ok, Dollyrots because you are awesome and I think that's maybe the point.

Intro videos should always set expectations high. Convince them you are awesome from the get-go!


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