Well, OK Then...

Whale OK Then

At one time this was going to become a sort of online OK History Textbook, replete with primary sources. That no longer seems... likely.

It's still growing, however, so anything is possible. In the meantime, "Well, OK Then..." is a collection of Blue Cereal articles about Oklahoma History and related topics, and Primary Sources related to Oklahoma History formatted for potential use in class. To the best of my knowledge, I haven't violated any sincere copyrights or whatever - and none of this is for sale or publication. It's just history stuff to help us teach kids, and maybe ourselves a bit along the way.

You are welcome to use anything here - that is, after all, the whole point - as long as you keep in mind the part where none of this is compiled for anyone else to sell or distribute either. I mean, if there's a way to get rich and famous off of this nonsense, you can at least clue me in first, yes?

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