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Ten Truths for the Overwhelmed Student

Mr. MiyagiI hear you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with school - and maybe with life, too. Fortunately, I'm old and wise; perhaps I can help.

Normally I'd start by asking you what's on your mind, or what you think is causing your difficulties. Being as how this is a blog, however, and a bit... one-directional, I'll just skip to the wisdom and insight. It applies most of the time anyway.

Seven Reasons You Probably Don't Suck (For Teachers)

Jayne's Hat

Statistics say you’re probably pretty good. Once you control for poverty and upbringing and factors well-beyond your control, the reality is that most American public school teachers are at least adequate, and many are quite impressive. If this is your first year, you’re probably not as good as you will be; if this is your twentieth, it’s possible you’ve lost a few steps along the way. But overall, I suspect you’re a miracle worker every day and simply don’t see it.