Reading In Social Studies

I'm a big fan of reading in social studies. I realize there are reasons we don't do more of it, but I don't want “lack of ideas of even where to start” to be one of them.

The following lists are content-specific suggestions compiled from teacher suggestions at various workshops and in my own department. I've read most of them along the way, but some descriptions are paraphrased from other sources. I've tried to stick with titles either recommended by multiple teachers or at least recommended somewhat passionately by whoever brought it up. I've left out any titles not currently in print, since that makes them rather difficult to use in class.

I'm also looking for your suggestions for other books, for these or other social studies subjects, or comments if you've used any of these in class yourself – what you liked, or didn't, thoughts for other teachers considering them, or other titles you'd use instead – and why. You may post your thoughts in the Comments section of the relevant page(s), or if you prefer you can email me at

Don't do it for me – do it for... *sniff* the children.

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