Primary Source: The Rainfall Follows The Plow (The Watonga Republican - May 15, 1895)

“The Rainfall Follows The Plow” - from The Watonga Republican, May 15, 1895

I heard an old farmer talk one day

Telling his listeners how

In the wide new country far away

The rainfall follows the plow


As fast as they break it up, you see

The heart is turned to the sun

As the furrows are opened, deep and free

The tillage is begun


The earth grows mellow and more and more

It holds and sends to the sky

A moisture it never had before

When its face was hard and dry


And so, whenever the plow shears run

The clouds run overhead

And the soil that is stirred and lets in the sun

With water is always fed


I wonder if that old farmer knew

The half of his simple word

Or guessed the message that eternally true

Hidden within it was heard


It fell on my ears by chance that day

But the gladness lingers now

To think that it is always God’s own way

That the rainfall follows the plow

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