"Have To" History - Where Else Can I Look?


If you didn’t find what you needed here, there are several directions you should consider before you panic. It’s probably OK to panic a little, because the real solution was to have kept up with the reading and other classroom stuff to begin with – but since that clearly didn’t happen, consider a few of these options:

Hip Hughes History – This is a YouTube channel primarily featuring Keith Hughes and addressing a wide variety of U.S. History and American Government topics. He also tackles some World History and Current Events, although I’m less familiar with those. Each video is clearly focused on a specific topic, packed with essential information, and generally energetic and easy-to-watch.

You’ll notice he often targets AP students and references AP exams, but you don’t need to be in AP for these to be crazy useful. I promise.

“Crash Course” History – Another YouTube channel, this one driven by John Green (yes, THAT John Green) and his brother, but featuring a variety of smart people who know how to get to the point and make the important stuff clear and easy to understand. 

“Crash Course” has also branched out into various sciences and other fields, so if you’re slacking in classes besides History it may prove useful on multiple fronts. Of course, like Hip Hughes History, it’s also good for just, you know… learning stuff just to learn it.

History.com - This is the website of the History Channel. Yes, I know it seems like all they do is bad reality TV and stuff about having sex with aliens, but they still produce quality programming from time to time. More importantly for your purposes, their website has just about everything you might need to know, easily searchable, all in either video clips or easily digestible chunks. I don't care for the layout – the giant photos and constant scrolling required – but apparently that kind of thing is all the rage with the kids, so...

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