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I must apologize for bringing you here. It's entirely due to a shortcoming of mine - namely, I don't have Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest. I use YouTube, of course - how else would we look up those old Hunters & Collectors videos from the 80s? But I don't really have a channel or content there worth pointing to.

So why all the buttons? Well, you CAN follow this blog via RSS feed, and I AM active on Twitter and Facebook (a sure sign I'm at least a thousand years old). But those buttons looked so lonely all by themselves down there, and besides, it was actually easier to just use this plug'n'play 'Social Media Links' thing someone else kindly made and shared. So, you know... extra buttons.

In hopes you won't feel like you've completely wasted your time, though, here's something adorable:

Bunny Eating Lettuce

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